Certified Trainers


First Name Last Name Company
Joel Canfield Perdue Farms Inc
Lee Eltz Charles Bros.
Jeff Webb Charles Bros.
Todd Smith Daybreak Foods
Mike Pickel Charles Bros.
Michael Charles Charles Bros.
Rafael Rivera USPOULTRY
Casey Scroggs Fieldale Farms Corporation
Rick Curtis Fieldale Farms Corporation
Chris Blue Whitestone Transportation
Don Hayes Unicon Inc
Ashley Mason VPGC LLC
Jonathan Herr Risser's Poultry, Inc.
Lee Underwood Hendrix-ISA, LLC
David Custer Perdue Farms Inc
Eric Smith Perdue Farms Inc
Amy Ashworth Harrison Poultry
David Timmons Tyson Foods
A.J. Huffman Tyson Foods
Jeff Moore Tyson Foods
Stacy Barton Tyson Foods
James Garner Tyson Foods
Jennifer McWherter Tyson Foods
Jared Stanley Tyson Foods
Robert Silva Tyson Foods
Matthew Hoskins Tyson Foods
Nicholas Wolfenden Tyson Foods
Nathan Wise Tyson Foods
David Bowen Tyson Foods
Mark Smith Tyson Foods
Eric Brown Tyson Foods
James Bunton Tyson Foods
Caleb Crocker Tyson Foods
Lamont Washington Tyson Foods
Laurie Collette Tyson Foods
Marilyn Wingfield Tyson Foods
Tambra Karr Tyson Foods
Stacy Cox Tyson Foods
Christopher Minor Tyson Foods
Cameron DeBorde Tyson Foods
John Crampton Tyson Foods
Dallas Wynn Tyson Foods
Amelia Woods Tyson Foods
Lockard Cassity Tyson Foods
Melissa Jones Tyson Foods
Pablo Perez Padilla Tyson Foods
Rodrigo Lopez Tyson Foods
Cory Owenby Tyson Foods
Lora Wright Tyson Foods
Tamer Sharafeldin Penn State University
Lisette Reyes USPOULTRY
Julie Sampson ADM
Jennifer England Fieldale Farms
Billy Erp Wayne Farms LLC
Dean Rankin House of Raeford
Paul Maust Miller Poultry
Hunter Sheffield Cal-Maine Foods
Jameson Faulkner Cal-Maine Foods
John R. Nunley Nunley Farm Services
Yosbel Dulce Guevara Farbest Farms
Michael E. Hentrup Farbest Farms
Zachary Borron Wayne Farms LLC
Derek Tittle Wayne Farms LLC
Elliott Printz Rose Acres Farms
Greg Muir Pilgrim's Pride Corp
Oguer Ortiz Farbest Farms
Maditchial Cockerham Farbest Farms
Whitny Haley Simmons
David Crossett Simmons
Derrick Auffett Simmons
Dustin Hanson Simmons
Frank Myers Simmons
Tyler Shockley Simmons
Joseph Craig Simmons
Lauren Wilson Simmons
Lance Finr Simmons
John West Simmons
Danny Stamps Simmons
Kurt Dobson Simmons
Christian Allen Simmons
Chris Simco Simmons
Mike McConnell Simmons
Tyler Pauls Simmons
Desine Butler USPOULTRY
Lucinda Frey Bell and Evans
Ron Dietrich Bell and Evans
Jennifer Shuler Bell and Evans
Barbara Ramsey Tyson
Karen Daly Perdue
Scott Rumbeck Perdue
Silvia Castillo Perdue
Cameron Faulkner Perdue
Gregory Revels Perdue
Dean English Perdue
Dave Wilson Perdue
David Ricketts Perdue
Lance Johnson Perdue
Kenneth Dingess Perdue
Richard Higgins Perdue
Adam Gowgil Perdue
Gerard Graham Perdue
Ryan Lambert Perdue
Jared Simpson Perdue
Jeff Cochran Perdue
Kevin Dennis Perdue
Dan Roberts Perdue
Michael Levengood Perdue
George Doyle Perdue
Michael Truelove Perdue
Josh Essick Perdue
Curt Dail Perdue
Tracy McKenney Perdue
Jenny Asip Perdue
Eric Deal Perdue
Mary French Tyson Foods

There are 115 Certified Trainers

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