Poultry Handing and Transportation Certification can be obtained by attending a certification meeting, scheduled by a poultry or transportation company, and performed by a certified PHT trainer. Poultry transporters, hatchery and live haul crew are qualified for certification. Each attendee receives a training manual and will participate in a training session with a written test at the end of the workshop. Upon completion of the training and successfully passing the test, individuals will receive a Certificate of Completion.

PHT Certification - Certified Poultry Handler and Transporter

PHT Certification courses can be tailored specifically to the needs of your company. There is broiler, turkey, egg layer, and broiler breeder modules of the course that can be taught individually or together if desired. The PHT Certification lasts for 3 years where individuals need to retake the recertification exam.

PHT Certification - Trainer

PHT Train the Trainer courses prepares trainers to teach poultry handling crews on proper handling of Broilers, Turkeys, Egg Layers, and Broiler Breeders. The trainers receive guidance on how to prepare a class and how to teach agricultural workers on humane handling practices.

To qualify for a "Trainer" Certification, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Applicants need to be involved in relevant work with commercial poultry such as: live production, live haul, hatchery, veterinary care, animal welfare monitoring, and processing.
  • Must be PHT certified and have passed the PHT Member Certification test by 80% or better. (Note: You may have the PHT Certification and the PHT Trainer Certification completed during the same workshop. Make sure to sign up for the "Train the Trainer" workshop to do this.)
  • All applications will be reviewed by the USPOULTRY-PHT staff.
  • All successful trainers must agree to maintain a "Code of Conduct" and confidentiality of the exam material.
  • Trainers must recertify every 2 years and remain current with industry standards.

After becoming PHT Trainer certified, you are qualified to independently hold certification workshops for individuals and companies on behalf of PHT. All courses intended to be taught by PHT Certified Trainers must be approved through the USPOULTRY-PHT staff prior to the workshop.

"Train the Trainer" Workshops are scheduled based on need or it can be arranged by company.

If you were previously PHT Certified OR PHT Trainer Certified, we also offer online recertification. In order to access the online version of the test, you will need to use information from your initial PHT Certification of Completion for log in purposes. If you cannot locate this information, please contact us to have this information provided to you via email.

PHT Recertification Exam

PHT Trainer Recertification Exam

To schedule a training workshop for your company, please visit the Contact Us page of our website and fill out the form.


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