Certification Meetings are held for poultry transporters, hatchery and live haul crews. Each attendee receives a training manual, participates in a 3-4 hour training session and then takes a written test at end of the workshop. Upon completion of the training and successfully passing the test, individuals will receive a certificate of completion.

"Train the Trainer" meetings are offered several times a year. To qualify for "Trainer" certification you must meet these requirements.

We also offer online recertification for the Certified PHT Trainers
Access "Train the Trainer" Re-certification here.

Workshop attendees will be trained to independently hold certification meetings for individuals and companies on behalf of PHT.To schedule a training session for your company, please visit the Contact Us page of our website and fill out the form or contact a trainer in your area in the "Certified Trainers" tab.

We also offer online recertification for the Certified Poultry Handlers.

If you need PHT Re-certification click here.

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