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Poultry Handling and Transportation (PHT) is a certification program for live poultry transporters and handlers that focuses in humane handling of birds before, during, and after transport. The program offers standardized training in live poultry handling during various production stages and trains in methods of biosecurity, fitness for transport, and emergency management. The certification involves transportation and handling of several species including day old poultry, pullets, spent fowl, broilers, turkeys, and broiler breeders.

A team of University scientists from Penn State University, USDA, and industry specialists developed the training and certification. PHT is the first third party certification of this type to cover several poultry species.

The U.S. Poultry and Egg Association offers training to member companies. We also offer training to live transport companies doing business with USPOULTRY members. If you would like to request a training for your company, please contact us through the "Contact Us" tab.

Mission Statement:

To provide accurate, science-based, practical training and education for poultry handlers and transportation personnel that enhances poultry well-being, biosecurity, product quality and safety of all involved.

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